A Delectable Diversion

‘ A Delectable Diversion’ is my pre grad collection which resulted from being given the project brief: Conceptual fashion and the Avante Garde.

I addressed what this meant to me and for me this was to explore innovation by pushing traditional teachings. I approached this with an aim to produce my own innovative textile. I put this in conjunction with a question I have had for a while… How can the two creative fields of food and fashion interact without being a literal interpretation?

Therefore to accomplish a deeper level of synergy I explored concealed elements in food. For me this is the hidden, the ingredients that combine together to produce the physical outcome.

Through my research I explored breaking down compositions and diverting the common, taught purpose of food ingredients.

As a result I explored ingredients termed game changers in Modernist Cuisine. I focused on gelatin as a setting agent.

I chose latch hook canvas and cotton muslin as my final founding textile for the marshmallow foam due to their different properties. The dried marshmallow on the rugging works like an applique and results in a very stiff sculptural textile which shows in the blue jacket in places of fracture. The cotton muslin reacted completely differently as it absorbed the marshmallow and changed properties completely. It is very interesting visually and physically evoking curiosity. I also chose wool wadding which I dyed because it had similar textile qualities to marshmallow fluffiness whilst still allowing me to essentially achieve three outfits on the body.

I approached my final designs through picking out the repeating qualities of my textile sampling which were structure, stiffness and line.

Furthermore I l looked into architecture for silhouette inspiration. I discovered local Brutalist buildings held similar qualities to my textile developments. I focused on abstract close up photos I shot of the Dunedin Public Library. I then used the photos as my 2D flat pattern to paper drape with on half sized mannequin. I could easily identify the direct dialogue between building and body.  Therefore architectural ingredients then became fashion ingredients. Windows became openings that a head or arm could fit through.

My process was practise based research and involved constant reflection in order to develop my designs further. The resulting textile development from food intrigues a curious audience immediately want to interact smell, touch and even taste. That sense of wow and curiosity is what I set out to achieve with my avante garde textile development. My findings from ‘ A Delectable Diversion’ are a solid foundation to develop and refine a food to fashion textile further.